Environmental Solutions to recurrent problems

Environmental Solutions to recurrent problems

Ever since the dredging of the Panama canal in 1945, the need use environmental measures in disease control cannot be over emphasized. In all over 25,000 lives were lost in the construction process to malaria and yellow fever . However, the American efforts involved less mortality (5000) than the French aborted initiative (20,000+) because of the use



Dr E.O. Ola-Adisa

Erekpitan Ola-Adisa is a US trained architect and researcher domiciled in North Central Nigeria. She combines practice of Architecture where she's actively involved in construction waste recycling and lecturing at the University of Jos, Department of Architecture for almost 20 years. As an architectural theoretician she seeks to demystify the "mysterious forest of Architecture" by getting the students to see both the forest and the trees using Gestalt principles. Equally important is her advocacy for best practices in Architecture to ensure viability of Architecture as a knowledge-based profession against Post COVID-19 realities.

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