Your Checklist to Get started
Wouldn't it be nice to draw the images in our heads?

Your Checklist to Get started

Your checklist to get started checklist for this course…

Before  we prepare a checklist to get started for this Current Issues journey, let me give you a little

Before we get started
I studied architecture at this beautiful US National monument some 40 years ago. Little did I know I would draw so much inspiration from these walls. The steps lead to our studios

background. About 17 years ago, I taught a compulsory course titled Critical Evaluation of Architecture. It was an architectural theory course at 300 level. I had never taught this before and had never been taught the same and so I saw it as an opportunity to evolve the issues that ran through my head when I was a junior (300 level student) in college (university) in the 1980s in the deep south of the USA.




Before we get started
Many an architect wannabee dreams of designing a house. I had my first  such dream at 9 years

Start your checklist -Dream!

I had always been a dreamy sort. The “head in the clouds” girl often lost in thought. Some said even then I had the makings of an absent minded professor (talk about self fulfilling prophecies). I always wondered what were the components of architecture. The get started checklist for current issues is a result.




The forest and the trees? – Your checklist for Architecture

Before we get started
Studying architecture makes it difficult to tell whether we are looking at trees or a forest

Architecture is like  a mysterious forest full of esoteric flora and fauna. The flora can be called structures, design, theory and history, components, materials and the list goes on.The problem of being in a forest therefore is the seeming inability to appreciate the totality of its essence. Hence the proverbial saying, “cant see the forest for the trees!”

And yet the trees make up the forest. Current issues in architectural thought and expression evolved from the Critical evaluation of Architecture to enable us see both the forest and the trees! The key elements can be identified through a  getting started checklist.

Getting Current in Mode and Content

To get us to see both the forest and the trees we are using the most current tools available to convey the content of this course: The Internet. When this course first started, we went on a field trip to Abuja with the late Arc Eche Ameh and the legendary Arc Amos ‘Toye.  We did not have the opportunity of watching slides and films due to our economy back then. Therefore field trips are vital.


Getting on board

Join the train and upgrade your technology skills as well. You are in good company.  The video shows the  checklist instructions. Remember, the sky is your stepping stone!




Dr E.O. Ola-Adisa

Erekpitan Ola-Adisa is a US trained architect and researcher domiciled in North Central Nigeria. She combines practice of Architecture where she's actively involved in construction waste recycling and lecturing at the University of Jos, Department of Architecture for almost 20 years. As an architectural theoretician she seeks to demystify the "mysterious forest of Architecture" by getting the students to see both the forest and the trees using Gestalt principles. Equally important is her advocacy for best practices in Architecture to ensure viability of Architecture as a knowledge-based profession against Post COVID-19 realities.

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  1. Wow,inspiring. Learning made easy

  2. We are really lucky

  3. The instructions given have been taken note of, thank you ma.

  4. The idea of learning and interacting online is vast and more productive
    I hope we maximize it’s uses

  5. With the emergence of advanced technology are field trips no longer relevant? Because some slides and presentations don’t relay the message completely

    1. Virtual reality may address some of your concerns in a Post COVID-19 reality

  6. Ma why do u relate architecture to a mysterious forest

  7. Ma why did you relate architecture to a mysterious forest

  8. Thank you for the video guideline ma.
    Please based on the “forest” analogy, is this course also a tree in the forest?

  9. Thank you for the video guideline ma.

  10. This video was very helpful. Thank you.

  11. I really appreciate the work going on here ma.. Really helping

  12. Ma, I don’t really understand the statement; ‘Can’t see the forest for the trees’

    1. This is a colloquial expression to describe someone so caught up in the minute details that they can’t see the big picture. Don’t get bogged down with design, structures, components…they’re only parts of the whole that makes up Architecture.

  13. Thank you for the guideline na, but I don’t understand the link or the concept behind a forest and architecture

    1. I believe the focus group discussion will help understanding. Do participate

  14. This is helpful ❤️

  15. Thanks a lot ma, this is really helpful especially being able to liken architecture to a forest.

    1. I hope you have a better understanding of the analogies. Your concept is the root of your design. Your product is the fruit of your design

  16. This is very insightful! The analogy to trees and forest couldn’t be more apt.
    Thank you ma😁

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